Hymns for Sundays

30 October - Youth Service

Opening:    TIS 156 Morning  has broken

 Gradual:   TIS717 Give thanks  


Offertory: TIS 175 Did you ever hear a kookaburra 


 Closing:    TIS755 You shall go out in peace


Sunday 23 October, Pentecost 23

Opening:    TIS134 Praise my soul

 Gradual:   TIS 745 Seek ye first

 Offertory:  Tis 598 Dear Father Lord of humankind

 Closing:    TIS569 Guide me O thou great Redeemer























16 October 2016, Pentecost 22

Opening Hymn:  TIS 447 Lord, your almighty word
Gradual Hymn:  TIS 168 For the fruits of all creation
Offertory Hymn: TIS 584(i) Just as I am
Closing Hymn:  TIS 531 Sent forth by God's blessing


9 October 2016, Pentecost 21


Opening hymn:   TIS 106 Now thank we all our God

Gradual hymn:   TIS 717 Give thanks

Offertory hymn:  TIS 537 Let us talents and tongues employ

Closing hymn:  TIS 210 O for a thousand tongues to sing



2 October 2016, Pentecost 20


Opening hymn:   TIS 111 Praise to the Lord, the almighty

Gradual hymn:   TIS 693 Come as  you are

Offertory hymn:  TIS 659 The Lord is my shepherd

Closing hymn:  TIS 650 Brother, sister let me serve you






September 25 2016, Pentecost 19

Opening Hymn: TIS 156 Morning has  broken

Gradual Hymn:  TIS 168 For the fruits of all creation

Offertory Hymn:  TIS 629  When I needed a neighbour were you there?

Closing Hymn:  TIS 674 Inspired by love and anger


August 28, 2016 - Pentecost

Opening Hymn:   TIS 693 Come as you are

Gradual Hymn:     TIS 161 Tell out my soul

Offertory Hymn:   Tis 526 Lord Jesus Christ 

Closing Hymn:      TIS 687 God gives us a future


3 July 2016 - St Paul's Day

Service normal time - 9.30am

This is a one service sunday - the early 8.00am service join with the 9.30am service and the Dinka (Sudanese) service which is normally at 11.30am. 


Opening Hymn:  Not in TIS, but tune is CWM RHONDA (tis 569 Guide me, O thou great Redeemer) - 5 verses

Gradual Hymn:   TIS 745 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

Offertory Hymn: DINKA HYMN - THEY PROVIDE MUSIC - especially drums!  so you don't need to play

After Communion:  extra DINKA HYMN - THEY PROVIDE MUSIC - especially drums!  so you don't need to play

Closing Hymn:   TIS 457 The Church's one foundation


10 July 8 Pentecost

Opening:  TIS 569 Guide me O thou great redeemer
Gradual:  TIS 699  A new commandment
Offertory:  TIS TIS584 (i) Just as I am, without one plea
The Closing Hymn: - TIS545 Shout for joy


17 July 2016 9 Pentecost

Opening:  TIS 517 Hallelujah! sing to Jesus
Gradual:  TIS 168 For the fruits of all creation
Offertory:  TIS 537 Let us talents and tongues employ
closing:   TIS 675 Lord the light of your love is shining



Music events

when my love for christ grows weak

Organist from Methodist Church playing Hymn

When my love to Christ grows weak

When my love to Christ grows weak,
when for deeper faith I seek,
then in thought I go to thee,
garden of Gethsemane.

There I walk amid the shades
while the lingering twilight fades,
see that suffering, friendless one
weeping, praying there alone.

When my love for man grows weak,
when for stronger faith I seek,
hill of Calvary, I go
to thy scenes of fear and woe,

there behold his agony,
suffered on the bitter tree:
see his anguish, see his faith,
love triumphant still in death.

Then to life I turn again,
learning all the worth of pain,
learning all the might that lies
in a full self-sacrifice.

And I praise with firmer faith
Christ who vanquished pain and death,
and to Christ enthroned above
raise my song of selfless love.

John Reynell Wreford
Melody and bass by
Orlando Gibbons

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane

Music articles

Welcoming back St Paul's Choir

St Pauls Choir

We are looking forward to welcoming back St Paul's Chapel Choir on Sunday.  This Sunday the MAG (mixed age group) Choir of young people will be with us.  These young people are in years 4, 5 and 6 at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School.  They study and sing together.  As well as being with us at St Paul's on the first three Sundays of each month in term time, they also visit other parishes and offer their beautiful music on the fourth Sunday of each month.We are blessed to have these beautiful young musicans, under their Musical Director, Jamil Osman, and with School Organist, Jonathan Bradley, leading our music in our beautiful church. If you live in Perth or are visiting, why not join us for our 9.30am Sung Eucharist - traditional Anglican liturgy with stunning music.

A Stunning Choir

St Paul's Choir

In term time, on the first three Sundays of each month, the singing at St Paul's is led by the St Paul's Chapel Choir.  These singers comprise young choristers from years 4 to 6, singers from the secondary school and from the wider community.  They lead not just in the hymn singing, but provide musical settings from some of the greatest composers of church music.

If you go to St Paul's Choir you can click on the links and hear some of their beautiful music.

But better still, why not join us at St Paul's for the 9.30 Sung Eucharist when the choir is present (see list of dates on the left) and appreciate the beauty they bring to our worship.

A stunning von Beckerath Pipe Organ

von Beckerath Pipe Organ in St Paul's

At our 9.30am Sung Eucharist each Sunday, our music is supported by the superb von Beckerath Pipe Organ which was installed by John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School in the church in 2011.

To read about this beautiful organ, have a look at The Tartan, the school magazine, to read about the installation process, the first concert, and the music department at JSR school.

During term time, when the St Paul's Choir is with the congregation, the organ is played by the School Chapel Organist, Jonathan Bradley.  On the fourth Sundays, and during school holidays, Gabrielle Mercer, our Parish Organist provides the music for our Eucharist.  Gabrielle has recently moved to Perth after serving as Organist at New Norcia for several years.

Other highly renowned organists who have led the music in our worship include Andrew Brown and John Beaverstock.




Visiting organists at St Paul's

Andrew Brown, renowned young Perth Organist, at the keyboard.

As well as our highly accomplished organists, School/Chapel organist Jonathan Bradley and parish Gabrielle Mercer, we are very fortunate to have other renowned Perth organists available on special Feast Days to play for us when Jonathan and Gabrielle are not available.

At Midnight Mass at Christmas in 2015, Andrew Brown, a fine young organist, who plays at many of the main churches in Perth, was able to join us. His postlude (recessional) was Carillon-Sortie by Henri Mulet (1878 - 1967) and providing a fitting climax to the beautiful music we were privileged to enjoy throughout the service.

Over three weeks of holidays, John Beaverstock, a very renowned Perth organist, will be offering his musical gifts at St Paul's. (December 27, January 3 and January 10 2016)